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CrossChina is specialized in web shop building and hosting, e-fulfilment, logistics and online payment handling. CrossChina offers its services in a modular fashion or if you prefer as a full-service solution. Located in the Netherlands and China CrossChina processes orders on a daily basis. You will benefit from the best of both worlds. CrossChina understands and practises the European way of working and has a thorough understanding and comprehension of the Chinese market and its specific needs.


Tailoring your web presence to the specific Chinese demand to optimize your sales results. Organizing your customer service and customer care locally, guarantees customer satisfaction and positive reviews. Taking care of the complex logistics and cross border administrative process we make sure your business runs smooth and fast. Offering top quality and advice within the whole e-commerce chain. CrossChina is a frontrunner when it comes to experience, quality, scalability and reliability

Webshop Choices

CrossChina offers you the choice between: Flagship store presence within JD.com. A dedicated online presence enabling you to tailor and build your brand to your exact needs. Creating brand awareness and dedicated attention for your products. Go beyond the traditional product presentations and let us help you to create a unique customer experience, brand preference and loyalty. Multi brand store. Join the fast growing number of brands in the store. Clear product categories allow you to reach your target customers more efficiently. Your products are presented in the best possible way and sales are handled by CrossChina end to end. From orderintake via logistics through payments and after sales service CrossChina provides the ultimate customer experience enhancing your sales.

Online Market

Using smart solutions CrossChina will help your company to take full advantage of the rapid growth of the Chinese online market. The Chinese online consumer market is expected to continue to grow fast and offer excellent opportunities. At CrossChina we believe in long lasting partnerships. Getting to know and understand each other is the foundation for a successful cooperation. Only when we fully understand your company's goals and ambitions we will be able to contribute in the best possible way. If you feel that even online business starts with people, who know their business, don’t hesitate and contact us.


CrossChina helps you to co-create a web shop reflecting the required brand image and at the same time optimizing your product presentation and sales. To achieve this we offer you:

  • - Development
  • - Design
  • - Implementation services
  • - Customer support
  • - Online marketing
  • - Search engine optimization (SEO/SEA)
  • - Email marketing

Whether you are a start-up or a well-established brand CrossChina offers you the professional support throughout the e-commerce chain. As your partner we will work with you closely to ensure a service which is based on the fulfilment of your specific needs and goals. Monitoring the market and technological developments, we constantly update and improve the way of working.

Continuous focus on the growth of your business will seamlessly address and meet customer needs and expectations. Smart solutions and innovative ways of presenting your products will give you a leading edge in servicing the Chinese online market. Resulting in growing sales and profitability.

As authorized JD partner we are able to offer you state of the art IT solutions. Business intelligence allows us to fine tune the webshop and provide you with real-time sales information and advice. Using the advantage of a top notch warehouse management system and a great logistic network we throughout China deliver to customers in a fast and reliable way.

To provide customers the ultimate experience with your brand a great into strong Omni channel approach if into is of the essence. Mobile is an important part of the Chines online buying and as such one of the pillars in the presentation of your brand. Customers will experience the same brand look and feel whatever channel they will use creating a consistent brand image.

Followed by delivery of the online orders at a time and place that customers require into anytime and anywhere is a crucial factor to contribute to a positive brand image and repeat sales. Personalized customer care online and offline ensures that all questions from customers are dealt with immediately and professionally.

Search engine optimization is the key to meet your potential customers. Let them find you at the moment it is relevant to them. As the search engines provide their results free of charge you only have to invest a fixed amount upfront. This is a great way to get a great return on investment and be found easily. Appear at the top of searches that answer your clients questions.

Cross border e-commerce is the future for your brand. Opening a webshop in another country is not just translating your website. Especially China has its own culture, rules and regulations. CrossChina has its roots in China and is therefore the partner that is able to help you realize your cross border ambitions.

CrossChina offers your customers access to most accepted payment methods allowing for maximum sales potential. The easy payment possibilities increase conversion and lower customer thresholds. All of this while guaranteeing that you get your payment in time and without fail.

Store types

For our partners we offer two types of online store presence

Multi-brand store

The perfect platform to present your products and explore the opportunities of the Chinese online market and specifically JD.com has to offer. Carefree as we take over all the work of setting up and running the shop.

Your products will be displayed in the matching product category by CrossChina. We will act as your distributor and arrange everything from creating the right Chines look and feel to pricing, customer service, logistics, payment handling and after sales.

If you want to know how you can give your brand a flying start in China fill out the contact form and we will be in touch within 24 hours.

Flagship store

Creating an unique and distinguishing presence within the JD.com platform. Build your brand exclusively as per your own strategy and content. CrossChina designs, builds, publishes, maintains and develops your flagship webshop. Realize the best brand experience and create a launching platform for the Chinese market.

You decide with which products and pricing strategies you want to create the desired presence. CrossChina looks after all the rest, naturally in close cooperation and contact with you.

For this option you will pay a set up and maintenance fee and a commission on the sales concluded.


Below you will find some of the brands we are currently working with


CrossChina launches its JD store iShopEuroMall.jd.hk on July 15

CrossChina keeps growing

  • revolutionizing the Facial Hygiene sector

  • Entered into a collaboration with Zuccari is a European leader in the field of natural cosmetics

  • RENEW the world

    RENEW -


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